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About Us


Our "Why"

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Program Goals

Our Mission

We serve to unite minority students with a strong community of peers and mentors to prepare students for their next step in their education by equipping them with essential life skills to encourage success and restore the once prominent Jay Bird Hill community.

Community support is essential for the Nelson Merry Foundation to be well established and successful long-term. 

Our Founder

Natalie Moore

Natalie Moore is the founder of the Nelson Merry foundation. She founded the Nelson Merry Foundation to provide minority students with an inclusive community to build character and explore new opportunities to better prepare them for college.

She is a graduate of Jefferson County High School where she served as the founder and President of Patriot Cultural Alliance club and was an active member of Leo Club, Beta Club and National Honor Society. Natalie also served as the captian of the JCHS volleyball team and participated in high jump and hurdles on the JCHS track team. Natalie will be attending Guilford College in the fall to participate in the honors program and play volleyball.

Community Support